“Great service! From the very beginning, Mr. Transmission was up front and honest. They diagnosed my car at no charge and kept me informed every step of the way. There were places that said they would do my repairs cheaper, but Mr. Transmission is a nationwide company with a nationwide warranty. I believe you get what you pay for. I had my vehicle back in just a couple of days with no problems! I would highly recommend Mr. Transmission in the future.”
- Taylor Sierra

“I've taken 3 of my vehicles to them for transmission fluid changes, or checks and they've been top notch each time. They perform a diagnostic along with the service. Somehow, I developed a small drip with my truck and they fit me right in to fix my issue. They're very accommodating with time and do a very good job. If I have transmission needs, I go to them.”
- Runn Oft

“Simply AMAZING service! John and staff were some of the kindest mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with!!! They were thorough, fast and HONEST (walked me through everything regarding my repair). John-a business is only as strong as those who represent it and for that I give 5 stars! Wish I could give more!!!!!!”
- Michele Thomas

“This company truly is outstanding in each and every aspect. Having to have transmission work is an unfortunate event, but these people made the entire experience so much better. Professional, honest, and timely, we were back on the road just as they promised. Now I know that truly does pay to choose a nationally known company like Mr. Transmission. I definitely recommend this particular Mr. Transmission in Mobile, AL to anyone!”
- John Dotha

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